Closing out April and in honor of Autism Acceptance Month, this week’s in-between is about Neurodiversity. I have special guest and fellow neurodiverse friend, Alex Armijo, joining me in the discussion! Alex is an DEI thought leader, a disability, LGBTQIA+, and human rights advocate, and overall badass human being. 

Here are the highlights of the episode:

  • What is neurodiversity? 
  • What is masking? Why can it be problematic to your health?
  • Behaviors of someone who may be neurodiverse
  • Alex shares their journey on how they were diagnosed with ADHD, as well as Autism, including available resources for your to use too!
  • What is the RAADsS-R test? Check this out:
  • Why social media can be a good place…sometimes; for context, Alex and I share our personal experiences with TikTok and how seeing real people discuss their condition helped us understand ourselves better 
  • Why knowledge is freedom
  • How we view our neurodiverse conditions as superpowers
  • Accommodate yourself! What this means and what you can do for you

I am so excited to share this episode with you all and hope you enjoy. Let this be the start of your self-acceptance journey!

If you’d like to keep up with Alex, check them out on instagram @the.perpetual.hobbyist