Allergy season is in full swing in Georgia, and I am suffering! I didn’t know you could develop allergies as an adult. *Insert all the frowny face emojis*

In other news, we’re back with another episode! I’m entertaining you all with my sinus journey, but I’m also bringing back some more serious-in-tone topics. This week’s in particular is about self-intellectualization. 

Here’s topics in this week’s episode:

  • Seasonal allergies and their insufferable attach on my sinuses 
  • Sometimes you need a good rot day – aka being lazy af
  • I finally stepped into the Vanderpump Rules world. This should be interesting.
  • What is self-intellectualization?  
    • What are examples?
  •  Why suppressing or avoiding extreme or intense emotions over time can really affect your emotional,  mental, and physical health
  • Difference in self-intellectualization and self-rationalization (they’re two different self-defense mechanisms)
  • Difference in self-intellectualization and self-awareness (one is healthier than the other)
  • What we can do to combat self-intellectualization?
    • Ask yourself, what am I avoiding?
  • Lots of self-love “Lizdoms” in this episode 

Remember, things discussed in today’s episode should not be considered medical advice and is only for educational purposes. If this episode resonated with you or made you think of someone you may know, I highly encourage you to go talk to a professional.