This week's In-Between episode invites special guests, Sarah Alice Liddy and Audrey Jean Flowers, from the Completely F***ing Clueless podcast! 

Sarah and Audrey hail from the Big Apple itself, New York New York (sang like Frank Sinatra), and have that GZC – Gen Z Confidence, baby! 

Seriously though, the three of us had so much fun. Topics for today's episode include: 

  • Graduating college during a worldwide pandemic and how that affected Audrey's and Sarah's mindset (not just graduating but as musical theater majors no less!)
  • That Gen Z confidence we've heard so much about and how to channel your own
  • Navigating social media and owning that "cringe" content. FILM YOUR CONTENT!! 
  • Growing up online, how the internet has shifted and how millennials and gen z need to stick together 
  • Are we too online? Talking about the younger generation coming up and how the internet treats them 

Sarah and Audrey are fabulous! This conversation empowered me to own my content and channel my self-confidence like a queen.

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