Hello February! In the theme of love, today's episode talks about romanticizing your life.  Maybe you heard this phrase during the pandemic, but we're essentially glamorizing the mundane day-to-day tasks. We are fabulous, even if we don't live in the French countryside, so why not play up our daily lives? I really love the concept because to me, it's another form of self love.  

What else am I in-between this week? 

  • February themes of love and Groundhog day; anyone else feel like it's still 2019? 
  • New workout class
  • Unreal candy & finding healthier alternatives to snackies
  • Our country's new mental health support team, Sesame Street, starring Elmo! 
  • Crushing my ADHD and to-do lists
  • Making friends on the internet – should I bring back my Adult Friendships series? 
  • The Hurkle Durkle life

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