Howdy! Who else can't stop listening to Beyonce's Texas Hold 'Em? Let's take to the floor now – 

In this week's In-Between, I'm talking about:

  • Longer days are ahead! The sun will begin setting later in early March. Lookout summer girlys, we're close. 
  • Country music – Beyonce, thank you. Because I can't stop listening to her new music, I'm getting served some country, specifically Lainey Wilson. I go on about what I love about her sound…. but I also share my thoughts about why I've never considered myself a country fan (lol). 
  • Millennial confidence on social media 
  • Millennial insecurity on gen z slang (HAHA!), aka me trying to be relevant. I'm truly humbled by my geriatric millennial status. Listen to see what I'm giggling about. 
  • Are we buying a house?! No! Yes! Maybe! I'm giving you an update on that front,  but I'm sharing my thoughts on the online rhetoric about buying a home versus renting. I do not have all the answers, nor would I ever tell you what to do when it comes to housing, but I'm offering a little perspective from what I've noticed on social media, and how that has played into my anxiety and decision making. 
  • Getting ready for my March Women's Wellness Series – it's going to jam packed with great content! 

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