In the two weeks since we last chatted, our beautiful, perfect baby girl, Luna, left us earthside. She was only 7. For those caught up with the pod, you know Luna was our pup, our child, one of our greatest sources of joy and now she's gone. After taking a few weeks to simply mourn, exist and process this grief, although I'm not at all over it,  I was ready to come back to the pod. 

I promise this week's episode doesn't spiral into emotional rage. Instead, I wanted to talk about pet loss, loss in general, and grief, from what creates grief, navigating grief, managing so many conflicting and intense emotions at the same time, and what's been helping me during this unforeseen darkness and storm called grief. 

This week's episode covers:

  • Luna's passing (do not worry, there are no triggering details on her earthly exit, but moreso what we believe led us to this tragic outcome)
  • Managing your own guilt when dealing with grief 
  • Navigating the storm of grief- do I run or do I sit with it? Spoiler alert: you weather the storm, one moment at a time
  • Things that have brought me comfort and peace . Community being one of the biggest pillars of support. 
  • The grieving process in general
  • My 3 things I've learned the most about grief during this time 

Grief is ultimately love. It's painfully beautiful that something so harsh and dark and empty exists because of love. That's what I focus on today. Grief is chronic, it stays with you. It changes you. In the words of new favorite person, Nora McInerny, "You don't move on. You move forward." 

I hope this episode brings some comfort to you or someone you know who is currently navigating grief. I cannot thank you enough for giving me the time and space for myself and to be welcomed back with so much love. This is what The In-Between was created  for, to find purpose, community, and understanding of all the crazy, beautiful life stuff we experience. Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's weird, and sometimes it's painful. Together, we will get through. 

This one's for you, Luna. I know you are with me now and forever, and will be with me as I build this community the way I always said. Thank you for finding us and  showing us how beautiful life and the world can be. Until you find us again, because I know you will, I love you, baby girl. 

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