We’re back this week with some existential musings – oOoOo! Not sure if you’ve heard of A Trip To Infinity, a documentary on Netflix about infinity, but any time I watch it, I’m introspecting. I’ve also been in a creative rut the past week or two., so I’m sharing what’s helped get me out of it. Between these themes, I’ve had some interesting musings that I wanted to share with you all, hence the main topic for this week’s episode. 

Here’s a quick episode recap:

  • How is it summer and I haven’t been by a body of water?
  • My body HURTS! These hips absolutely lie. Hello 33.
  • Emotionally wrecking television – I’m looking at you Queen Charlotte!
  • Emotionally wrecking movies – Inside Out 2; my body is ready
  • Creative Ruts – ugh. How I got out and my advice for you to get of your own!
  • Existential Musings – inspired by infinity; how I ground myself with our “speck” of existence and choosing to live loudly and boldly
  • What does it mean to truly live?