Note to anyone visiting Elizabeth in Atlanta- we’re going to be walking! (LOL) On that note, welcome back to the podcast, one of my favorite internet friends, Sherreece Rowe! 

Sherreece and I were connected through my husband Stan during a sales call after sharing she was a podcaster. The rest they say is history. Finally after a year and a half, Sher and I met in person when she visited me in Atlanta. 

This episode is our Atlanta recap, from the hilarious shenanigans we got into and so much more, here’s a look at what you’re in store for:

  • Welcome to Atlanta, apparently you have to pay $ for a lot (I mean, try getting a dj to play your song without a tip)
  • The food…. and how it wasn’t a win for Sherreece
  • Is Maryland a southern state?  Jury is still out on that one!
  • Walk walk walk walk walk everywhere – when I tell you we’re walking, believe me 
  • Shutting down the Claremont Lounge 
  • Internet friends and how to make them 
  • Creative pursuits and how we support each other

The amount of giggles giggled in this episode barely hold a candle to the fun that we had while Sher was in town. Can’t wait our next visit, and in the meantime, you can check out Sher at the links below:

Instagram – FrontRoweSeat
TikTok – FrontRoweSeat