New week, new in-between, and you'll want to listen to this one! Today's episode is all about career pivoting out of teaching. I personally have a lot of friends who are either considering a new career path, or who have made the transition already out of teaching into corporate America, or other career paths. My special guest today is Maddie Neuman. 

Maddie made the choice to leave teaching a few years ago, so I asked her to come on The In-Between podcast to share her experience and THAT she did. We talk about the years of training and education that goes into becoming a teacher; we talk about all of the competing priorities you have to manage as a teacher – from students, school staff, parents, the board of education – the list goes on and so does the stress that comes with it; we talk about what led up to her decision to leave teaching and all of the negative emotions that came with it; we talk about what that transition out of teaching looked like, and how she zig-zagged her path out; and then we talk about the leftover guilt that she sometimes struggles with, but ultimately knowing this was the right decision. 

That path isn't easy, but it is possible. It all starts with believing that you can. I hope Maddie's story and journey help inspire you, help remove some of the self-doubt and imposter syndrome, and to remind you how capable you are as long as you believe in yourself. 

Teachers, this one is for you. 

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