This week's in-between may be titled advice to my younger self, but everything I say relates to any walk of life. So whether you're a twenty something navigating what I call "second puberty", or a thirty-something pivoting in their career, or a forty-something looking to love themself, this episode offers something to everyone. 

In a nutshell, Elizabeth's advice to her younger self includes:
Overall, stop comparing yourself to others. 

Relationships – 

  • You cannot change someone. Repeat – you cannot change someone
  • You’re not responsible for anyone else's feelings 
  • Don’t waste your time on people who don’t treat you how you deserve
  • Communication most often leads to discourse
  • You’re going to meet so many people in your life; some will come in and some will leave
  • Empathy and understanding will get you far but don’t be a people pleaser

Work – 

  • If you’re first job ends up being your dream job, good for you. For others, we might end up all over the place before we find what drives us. No one’s path is wrong or right more than someone else's, as long as you keep putting one foot in front of the other
  • If you're not learning or getting some sort of fullfilment from it, release it
  • Write thank you emails

Self – 

  • Remember how important it is to keep your identity separate – you can be a mother, employee, manager, sibling, daughter, podcaster, soccer player, but these things make up YOU; one role doesn’t’ solely define you nor limit you 
  • Don’t apologize for being you or speaking up for yourself
  • Enjoy life – appreciate the small moments, the silly the sad, the high and low, don’t fall into the rat race trap of where you need to be, where you should be, and instead realize you’re where you need to be
  • You are going to make mistakes, heck you might even fail, but there is value in those lessons. It’s not that failing is SUPER COOL, but we need to view failing less as the worst case scenario because it does happen, it happens often, and there is learning and self development that comes from it
  • Find hobbies and interests and EXPLORE them 
  • Prioritize your mental health, especially if you have past trauma
  • Don’t forget how much power you have. You have the strength to overcome any obstacle and drive to make your dreams come true. No one said it would be easy
  • Fall in love with yourself.

I'll see you fabulous, beautiful people next week for an all new in-between!

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