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  • In-Between: Finding Your Confidence with Taylor Hutton

    This week’s in-between features a special guest all the way from down under. Please welcome Taylor Hutton to the podcast! Taylor is the host of Create with Confidence, a podcast about helping others find confidence within themselves to go after anything they want in life. 

    Here’s a look at what’s in store for this week:

    • Stereotypes of America vs Australia (I couldn’t help myself lol)
    • The many pivots life takes you – Taylor has had many!
      • How those pivots lead you right where you need to be
    • Setting the intention of your pursuits
    • Keeping the right people in your corner 
    • What could be holding you back
    • Failure is ok
    • Are you comfortable or are you coping? 
    • An incredible story that helped shape Taylor’s outlook on life 

    This episode has so much heart and I’m so excited to share it! If you’ve ever doubted yourself or just need a dose of confidence, look no further, this is the episode for you. 

    Follow Taylor on Instagram at @tayhutton and visit her at

  • In-Between: It’s My Birthdayyy & Lessons Learned

    It’s your favorite TRIPLE TAURUS’ BIRTHDAY WEEK!!! Ayeeeee! It’s also the TWO-YEAR ANNIVERSARY of The In-Between – How!?!  I’m full of energy (and glam) on this week’s episode. 

    Here’s a quick look:

    • It’s my birthday, boo! Weekend getaway to the mountains 
    • Newly “discovered” childhood trauma aka Liz’s need to be accepted by anxiety – fun times!
    • Angry AF, an app to help men with their emotional intelligence *scratches head*
    • The new Dua Lipa album (I’m a Dua STAN)
    • Current icks: Not being able to split checks, the fact that it’s an election year, and misleading headlines. 
    • The anniversary of the podcast & what I’ve learned so far:
      • 1. Starting is the hardest part; that doesn’t mean this journey isn’t free of challenges but getting over the initial hump is/was the hardest part.
      • 2. Constantly being pushed out of my comfort zone (but finding out that’s where the magic happens)
      • 3. How to truly believe in and have confidence in ME; not seeking external validation

    We’re a little all over the place, but when are we not? You’ll be giggling and feeling empowered no matter what. 😉 

  • In-Between: A Podcaster’s Journey & Jurassic Park with Logan Lewis

    I’ve got a special guest on the podcast this week. Welcome fellow podcaster, Logan Lewis, of Your Morning Drive!

    Sometimes you let the conversation lead and see where it takes you. For me and Logan, our conversation took us on a journey through podcasting. Logan has been podcasting for a few years now as a hobby. He goes through all the different variations of his podcasting, from the different names and themes, multiple rebrandings, and how he evolved his show to Your Morning Drive and the inspiration for it.

    I love an origin story and appreciate Logan sharing his non-linear path and all the pivots that followed. This is a great episode for anyone interested in starting a podcast or personal brand, especially if they have the resistance to start. You don’t have to have it all figured out! Heck, you can change the name one, two, even six times if you want! Just start. This episode is a great reminder that you do not have to have it all figured out.

    Oh, and we’re also talking about pop culture, specifically Jurassic Park (fun fact: one of my favorite movies!).

    Hold on to your butts (JPark reference LOL) and enjoy my chat with Logan! & be on the lookout for our live podcast show – ETA 2025 😉

    Logan Lewis –

    Your Morning Drive IG –

    Your Morning Drive TikTok –

    Hammerhead Creations Website –

  • In-Between: Understanding Neurodiversity & Radical Self-Acceptance with Alex

    Closing out April and in honor of Autism Acceptance Month, this week’s in-between is about Neurodiversity. I have special guest and fellow neurodiverse friend, Alex Armijo, joining me in the discussion! Alex is an DEI thought leader, a disability, LGBTQIA+, and human rights advocate, and overall badass human being. 

    Here are the highlights of the episode:

    • What is neurodiversity? 
    • What is masking? Why can it be problematic to your health?
    • Behaviors of someone who may be neurodiverse
    • Alex shares their journey on how they were diagnosed with ADHD, as well as Autism, including available resources for your to use too!
    • What is the RAADsS-R test? Check this out:
    • Why social media can be a good place…sometimes; for context, Alex and I share our personal experiences with TikTok and how seeing real people discuss their condition helped us understand ourselves better 
    • Why knowledge is freedom
    • How we view our neurodiverse conditions as superpowers
    • Accommodate yourself! What this means and what you can do for you

    I am so excited to share this episode with you all and hope you enjoy. Let this be the start of your self-acceptance journey!

    If you’d like to keep up with Alex, check them out on instagram @the.perpetual.hobbyist

  • In-Between: Seasonal Allergies & Self-Intellectualization

    Allergy season is in full swing in Georgia, and I am suffering! I didn’t know you could develop allergies as an adult. *Insert all the frowny face emojis*

    In other news, we’re back with another episode! I’m entertaining you all with my sinus journey, but I’m also bringing back some more serious-in-tone topics. This week’s in particular is about self-intellectualization. 

    Here’s topics in this week’s episode:

    • Seasonal allergies and their insufferable attach on my sinuses 
    • Sometimes you need a good rot day – aka being lazy af
    • I finally stepped into the Vanderpump Rules world. This should be interesting.
    • What is self-intellectualization?  
      • What are examples?
    •  Why suppressing or avoiding extreme or intense emotions over time can really affect your emotional,  mental, and physical health
    • Difference in self-intellectualization and self-rationalization (they’re two different self-defense mechanisms)
    • Difference in self-intellectualization and self-awareness (one is healthier than the other)
    • What we can do to combat self-intellectualization?
      • Ask yourself, what am I avoiding?
    • Lots of self-love “Lizdoms” in this episode 

    Remember, things discussed in today’s episode should not be considered medical advice and is only for educational purposes. If this episode resonated with you or made you think of someone you may know, I highly encourage you to go talk to a professional. 

  • In-Between: The Highs and Lows of Entrepreneurship with Kiera Palmer

    In the final episode of the Women’s Wellness Series, I have a very special guest joining me this week. Please welcome, Kiera Palmer!

    Kiera is a entrepreneurial powerhouse having opened and managed several businesses (& does so to this day), on top of her latest venture, The Social Studio, which is a content creator studio for all types of creators and podcasters. 

    In this week’s episode, Kiera is sharing part wisdom gained from her entrepreneurial experiences from the highs, lows, and everything in-between. 

    Other topics include:

    • “Life is too short” – why this mantra guides Kiera in everything she does
    • Dealing with tragedy 
    • Finding a fulfilling path
    • The pace of the entrepreneurial journey – remember, things do NOT happen overnight! 
    • Two things you need to make it as an entrepreneur
    • Leaning into failure
    • The power (and need) to pivot; what is pivoting?
    • Never settle for fine

    If you are interested in checking out Kiera’s new content studio space, click here  IG @socialstudioatl.

    To keep up with Kiera and all her endeavors, follow her on IG @KieraPalmer

  • In-Between: Women’s Wellness & Your Fertility with Dr. Bhavna Singh ND

    Week Three of the Women’s Wellness Series welcomes back Dr. Bhavna Singh to The In-Between. For those not caught up, Dr. Singh is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and Ayurvedic Practitioner.

     **Please note that topics and information discussed in this week’s episode are for informational purposes only and should not be considered professional or personalized medical advice.** 

     Bhavna is talking all things Women’s Wellness – from fertility, egg quality, our monthly cycle, there is so much to cover!  

    Here’s a look at this week’s episode topics:

    • Women’s wellness and conventional medicine
    • Infertility – what is it? 
      • Being diagnosed 
      • Causes 
      • B’s take on “unexplained” infertility
    • Preconception Planning
    • Testing your fertility
      • IVF vs functional approach
    • Freezing your eggs
    • Egg health
      • Quality vs quantity
      • Ways to improve
    • PCOS
      • What is it? 
      • Ways to improve 
    • PCOS diagnosis post-partum
    • Women’s monthly cycle 101 
      • Learn the different phases and what’s going on with your body
      • Seed cycling
    • Non-hormonal contraceptives
    • Preparing your children for puberty – things you can do now

    If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Singh, check out her website:
    You can  follow her on Instagram @dr.bhavnasingh  for health tips and free downloads.

  • In-Between: Financial Wellness w/ Emilie Dayan Hill

    Welcome to the  Women’s Wellness Series! This week’s episode starts things off strong. Please welcome my new friend, financial queen, Emilie Dayan Hill. Emilie is a high net worth money manager here in Atlanta, GA. With her experience in the financial industry, Emilie created Finance That Feels. In its current state, Finance That Feels is a monthly publication on Substack that’s about making money more meaningful in our lives. More specifically, Emilie believes in Financial Wellness, and wants women everywhere to feel empowered with their money. In today’s episode, we’re talking about:
    • What is Financial Success versus Financial Wellness?
    • Finance Industry – why does it feel like women aren’t invited? Here’s a hint, statistically speaking, we’re not. Emilie breaks that down more and explains how the industry tends to serve men.
    • Money Wellness practices – monthly check-in; how that can break down intimidation towards taking control of your finances.
    • Growth mindset versus a scarcity mindset – how can you foster a healthy growth mindset when it comes to your finances.
    • Money Scripts – Money personalities we’ve adapted from our past and how we were raised; Emilie breaks down  the four different scripts, what they mean, and how we can work on our own.
    • How to cultivate Financial Wellness and find “enough.”
    Check out Emilie’s website,

    Don’t miss out on Emilie’s monthly Substack, Finance That Feels! You can subscribe here.

    You can keep up with Emilie on the daily by following her on Instagram @EmilieDayanHill.

    **Please note that today’s episode is for educational purposes only and does not constitute investment or any type of financial advice. The opinions expressed are Emilie’s and hers alone.**

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  • In-Between: What’s it like to be Introverted w/ Jay & Steph from Stay Introverted

    We've all heard the word introvert, but what exactly does that mean? Jay and Steph from the Stay Introverted podcast join me on this week's In-Between and answer that very question and also explain how two introverts started a podcast. 

    In this week's episode, the three of us talk about:

    • What is an introvert? What does it mean to be introverted? 
    • Misconceptions and unfair stereotypes about introverted individuals
    • Differences between introverts and extroverts and how they play off each other 
    • Social dynamics and personal relationships between introverts and extroverts
    • How the pandemic highlighted the introverted community
    • What your introverted friends want you to know 

    As an extrovert myself, I learned SO much from Jay and Steph about being introverted. Heck, this conversations even made me question myself – am I fully extroverted? Another question, has my extroversion affected my introverted husband? **laughs nervously**

    I also joined Jay and Steph on their podcast, so be sure to check that out too!
    If you want to keep up with the Stay Introverted crew,  you can follow them here:
    The podcast @stayintrovertedpodcast
    Jay @sincerelyanintrovert (this is where you can check out his apparel brand!)
    Steph @introspective_af (don't forget to check out her other two podcasts!)

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  • In-Between: Confidence, Navigating Social Media & Being Online w/ Sarah and Audrey from Completely F***ing Clueless

    This week's In-Between episode invites special guests, Sarah Alice Liddy and Audrey Jean Flowers, from the Completely F***ing Clueless podcast! 

    Sarah and Audrey hail from the Big Apple itself, New York New York (sang like Frank Sinatra), and have that GZC – Gen Z Confidence, baby! 

    Seriously though, the three of us had so much fun. Topics for today's episode include: 

    • Graduating college during a worldwide pandemic and how that affected Audrey's and Sarah's mindset (not just graduating but as musical theater majors no less!)
    • That Gen Z confidence we've heard so much about and how to channel your own
    • Navigating social media and owning that "cringe" content. FILM YOUR CONTENT!! 
    • Growing up online, how the internet has shifted and how millennials and gen z need to stick together 
    • Are we too online? Talking about the younger generation coming up and how the internet treats them 

    Sarah and Audrey are fabulous! This conversation empowered me to own my content and channel my self-confidence like a queen.

    You can follow Completely F***ing Clueless on Instagram @completelyfuckingclueless, TikTok @completelyfckingclueless and YouTube @completelyfckingclueless. 

    Follow Sarah, @sarahaliceliddy &  Audrey, 


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