This week's In-Between is about Liz's Tips & Tricks to Self-Care. Feel free to take a tip or trick (or all of them!) and add it to your toolkit for next time you're feeling overwhelmed or stressed af. 

  • Remember, you are a work in progress. You're human! There is beauty in the mistakes because how else do you learn?! Accepting that will make mistakes is a great first step in letting go of pressure you put on yourself. "Mistakes mean you're trying."
  • Feeling overwhelmed? Anxious? Get some movement! Jump around, shake your hands, hop up and down – something to get the juice moving. Sitting or being still can add to your stress/anxiety. Move around!
  • And on that note, if you are able to, go outside. Even if only for a few minutes, you'd be surprised at how much being outdoors can adjust your mood and energy. 
  • Eat! Don't forget to eat! Protein – it's important! 
  • …..and that also goes for drinking water. I personally use a water bottle that has time stamps on how much water I should have already drank by a certain time. Yes, one may think my bottle is bossing me around, but maybe I like it! Plus, I'm refreshed 😉 
  • The only supplement/vitamin advice I'm going to give: don't forget to take your Vitamin B (energy and happy feelings!) and Vitamin D (we get it from the sun! helps with bones!)
  • Wash your face – take care of yourself in general. You are worth the few minutes it will take  to wash up, and you'll feel better (even if just a little bit) knowing that you did.
  • Talk to someone – maybe you're talking to a therapist, a friend, a parent, sibling, co-worker, someone. Opening up is so important.
  • Journaling – even if it's listing  3 things you're grateful for, taking that time to focus  on the good/positive/hopeful can make all the difference.
  • Breathing & Stretching – this is a big one that I often forget (the breathing – HA!). Especially in those moments of intense stress or anxiety, taking a DEEP breathe in -1 – 2- 3 and DEEP breathe out -1 – 2- 3 can make all the difference. You can feel your body swell with the breath – that's what your'e going for. Feel it from the top of your head all the way down to your toes. It's extremely grounding and will help bring your heart rate down which helps with your stress response. 

You are worth taking care of yourself! What sort of things do you do when you're feeling overwhelmed?

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