*This week's in-between comes with a *content warning* – subject matter includes infertility, pregnancy loss, and miscarriages. * 

One of Elizabeth's best friends joins her on the podcast today – say hi to Tyaira! We're talking about an in-between that doesn't get discussed nearly as much as it should, and one that affects more people than you probably realize: infertility. Tyaira opens up to tell her  journey (so far) in navigating infertility. Head's up, this is a very emotional conversation that is honest, raw, hopeful, and everything in-between. Tyaira calls it the silent club, the club no one really talks about publicly, but one that has a lot of members. Today's episode is for anyone who is walking this path, has walked this path, or knows someone who has and how they can better support them from the outside. The In-between is honored to share to Tyaira's story and hopes that it helps someone feel seen and less alone.  

If you'd like to follow Tyaira to keep up with her journey and farm life, follow her on Instagram @thehappyhomestead_ga!

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