Long time no solo sesh! How is everyone doing?! I’m back for a solo pod this week after back-to-back special guests and it’s time to debrief! FYI – I’m HYPE today. It’s only cause I missed you so much. 

In today’s episode we’re catching up on:

  • My Women’s Wellness Series conclusion – what did we think? What did we take away? 
    • Your girl got to record in a podcast studio and it was SO cool. I definitely learned some things, like, you should never film with your phone vertically because then 16:9 ratios don’t work. *nervous laughter*
  • The website is live! Wow – it’s only been almost a year but she’s live and beautiful! 
  • Collabs on collabs on collabs! Listen to see what I’ve got working for Autism Awareness Month. I’m recording an episode about neurodiversity. 
  • Getting duped on April Fools
  • Cowboy Carter – obsessed! Beyonce does it again 
  • Pop culture rapid fire – what happened to Euphoria? 
  • No house…. yet
  • Do I have a habsburg jaw?! 

And it wouldn’t be The In-Between if I didn’t end the episode with some Lizdoms to get you through the week.