Elizabeth is back with an all new episode of The In-Between podcast, and this week, we've got a show for you! Throughout the creative process, things change, ideas evolve, you sometimes need to pivot your focus or restructure your idea – and that's perfectly ok! It's actually necessary in the creative journey.  That doesn't mean your imposter syndrome doesn't show up when you need to shift gears, but that's when you tell that voice to be quiet. Why does this matter? Well, this week's in-between is talking about shifting gears with the podcast – don't worry, we're not changing the show topics, but we're changing the show structure. I'm SO excited! This week's episode goes into the creative process and why I'm shifting priorities with this new show structure, and how creative constraints are actually foundational to your creative journey versus being a boundary. Take a look at this Ted Talk animation by Brandon Rodriguez on creative constraints: https://www.ted.com/talks/brandon_rodriguez_the_power_of_creative_constraints. 

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