It’s your favorite TRIPLE TAURUS’ BIRTHDAY WEEK!!! Ayeeeee! It’s also the TWO-YEAR ANNIVERSARY of The In-Between – How!?!  I’m full of energy (and glam) on this week’s episode. 

Here’s a quick look:

  • It’s my birthday, boo! Weekend getaway to the mountains 
  • Newly “discovered” childhood trauma aka Liz’s need to be accepted by anxiety – fun times!
  • Angry AF, an app to help men with their emotional intelligence *scratches head*
  • The new Dua Lipa album (I’m a Dua STAN)
  • Current icks: Not being able to split checks, the fact that it’s an election year, and misleading headlines. 
  • The anniversary of the podcast & what I’ve learned so far:
    • 1. Starting is the hardest part; that doesn’t mean this journey isn’t free of challenges but getting over the initial hump is/was the hardest part.
    • 2. Constantly being pushed out of my comfort zone (but finding out that’s where the magic happens)
    • 3. How to truly believe in and have confidence in ME; not seeking external validation

We’re a little all over the place, but when are we not? You’ll be giggling and feeling empowered no matter what. 😉