What happens when you take passion, creativity, community, and nerdiness and throw it all together? You get Elixir Brew Co, a new brewery opening in Buford, GA. I had the privilege to interview Chad David and Ryan Keysar, the co-founders of Elixir Brew Co,  on this week’s episode. 

Elixir’s tagline is “Finding Your Inner Mad Scientist”. Both Ryan and Chad say they’re in the business of people. They wanted to create a space to foster creativity and to build a  community where others feel safe and have a sense of belonging. These themes are deeply rooted in everything Ryan and Chad believe in and who they are as people. 

In this episode, we discus:

  • Where a love for board games fits into Elixir Brew Co
  • Why community is the most important thing & how it helped Chad and Ryan reach this point in their journeys
  • What inspired their idea to start a brewery
  • What goes into opening a business (yea, we’re talking about that red tape)
  • “Shower thoughts” – the best ideas sometimes come from the shower 
  • The magic that happens when you’re following your path
  • Live taste test of four of their core beers! 
  • What’s to come for Elixir Brew Co 

You can follow Elixir Brew Co on Instagram at @elixir.brew.co or check our their website at https://elixirbrewco.com/