I'm back and scuba certified – LOL. This week's in-between is catching up on all the life stuff going on, filling you in on the scuba certification experience (I know that is the most random thing ever), the home search (iykyk *cries*), and some exciting guests I have planned for the coming weeks. I'm also (finally) embracing my "delulu girl" era, otherwise known as delusional confidence. Who says I can't? It doesn't matter as long as I say I can. Cheesiness aside, this week's in-between is talking about that delusional confidence and addressing the question, why do we struggle with the constant feelings of guilt and pressure to DO DO DO when we need a break? Why does productivity guilt interfere when we need alone time? Why is it that when we need rest, our mind's make us feel like we don't deserve it? I don't have the fool-proof solution or answer to these questions, but I think today's convo around them will help. Remember, the most important voice is the one you have with yourself. 

Check out today's episode and embrace your delusional era too! 

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