First person POV show notes: Now that I'm back from Italy and recapped the trip on last week's episode, let's jump into how our world got turned upside down with our pup. I'm giving you all the deets on what went down with Luna – it was pretty traumatic, but in the word's of Kelly Clarkson – what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. *nervous laughter* With that happening, ya girl needed to ground herself. Life has literally been flipped since we got back into town, and I finally decided to do this mid-year goal check in. Well, in typical Liz fashion, I kept the tab opened and finally did it 3 months later LOL. So I'm calling it my 3/4 year check in. Jokes aside, this exercise really helped me, and i'm spilling all the tea in today's episode. Don't forget to rate this show, review, and follow wherever you listen to podcasts. Ooh! This episode is also on YOUTUBE! 

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