CALLING ALL BRIDES! Are those wedding bells you hear? Or is it amazing advice from Destination Wedding Photographer Laura Watson!? That's right, Laura is back on the pod in her two-week special, this time talking ALL things weddings.

We talk a little about how to establish yourself as a Wedding Photographer in today's industry, but this episode is more about Laura sharing her advice to all the Bride/Groom-to-be's in what they should worry about when planning their special day. From basic tips and tricks, what you should look for in a wedding photographer, and overall advice, Laura has 10+ years of wedding experience to offer her expertise. We also talk about wedding pet peeves and trends we love/love to see go. And finally, we close the episode out talking about everyone's favorite: juicy wedding stories.


If you're looking for a photographer to capture your big day or those special family moments, do not hesitate to check out Laura! You can follow her below:
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